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IWV Launched | What Does America Want the Media to Ask Hillary?

Hillary Clinton, the leading Democratic candidate for President of the United States, hardly ever answers questions from the media. On the rare occasions she does, it is only to answer selective softball questions including, incredibly, an inquiry as to her favorite flavor of ice cream. That's why Independent Women's Voice launched a new Website – As first announced this morning in Politico Playbook, the site uses an online bulletin board system to crowd-source questions, rank them, and encourage Washington reporters to ask Hillary. READ MORE >>

Conservatives: Stop Enabling Obamacare

The full-repeal hardliners make the perfect the enemy of the good. READ MORE >>

The Health Care Fight

IWV has been proud to be in the forefront of the battle against a government takeover of health care. IWV works tirelessly to highlight the consequences of government-run health care: higher health care costs, more bureaucracy, higher premiums, higher taxes, fewer job opportunities, less access to care, and lower quality of care. 



IWV enjoyed enormous success in races deemed tossup or worse, seeing opportunities in races others often dismissed as hopeless. We are proud to report a 91% success rate (11-1) in our major campaign initiatives over the last four years.


Discussion Guides

Lead a discussion on some of the most important issues facing our country by using these guides which break down the issue, provide solid facts and supporting data, and engaging quizzes and other interactive features to help get the conversation started!


Test Your Knowledge: Congress's Special Exemption From ObamaCare

How much do you know about Congress's special exemption from ObamaCare?

Take the quiz and share it with your friends.


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